Fluid Forms Inc. (FFI) specializes in providing solutions for advanced hydraulics problems including both open channel and closed conduit systems.  Practical solutions to problems are achieved using the most appropriate tool for the job ranging from simple first principles through to custom designed and applied surface water systems modeling technologies.  FFI is particularly adept at addressing problems involving free surface flow and closed conduit transient (i.e., water hammer) phenomenon.

Examples of FFI project engagements in 2012 include acting as the hydraulics specialist for the 2250 ML/D Seymour Capilano Filtration Plant in Vancouver.  In 2011, Fluid Forms was the hydraulic designer for the 1390 ML/D City of Calgary upgrade of the Bonnybrook WWTP headworks.

FFI executed the hydraulic analyses on behalf of Nautilus Ponds Inc. in the development of the Nautilus Pond™.

Specializing in Advanced Hydraulics Problems


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